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MJ ACRES: Home of Quality Missouri Fox Trotters

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Welcome to our web site!

On this web site, we would like to introduce you to the Missouri Fox Trotters in our family and hopefully help you find one that would fit into your family.

Here at MJ Acres, we love our Missouri Fox Trotters.  These horses have wonderful dispositions and are a joy to be around.  We primarily use our horses for trail riding.  Because Fox Trotters are gaited horses, meaning that they move in a way that is smooth to the rider, they make excellent trail horses. 

Horse of the month at MJ Acres:

Dusty is one of our 2005 foals.  He was born on March 29 and is currently for sale.

Horses for sale
Missouri Foxtrotters for sale
Missouri Fox Trotters for sale

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

You can e-mail us at:


276 Pheasant Farm Rd 
New Bethlehem, PA 16242